Essential Oils for Estrogen Boosting
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Essential Oils for Estrogen Boosting

Women in their 20Â’s and above experience hormonal imbalance that lead to mood swings and less sex life because the level of estrogen, the sex hormone that promotes female characteristics, is decreasing. But, there is an inexpensive way to boost your estrogen, and it can be done even at home.

Women in their 20’s and above experience hormonal imbalance that lead to mood swings and less sex life because the level of estrogen, the sex hormone that promotes female characteristics, is decreasing. But, there is an inexpensive way to boost your estrogen, and it can be done even at home.

Essential oils, or “plant oils” as they are extracted from the plants themselves, help boost estrogen and increase the female characteristics. There are a lot of essential oils to choose from and each has its own functions in boosting the estrogen level.

Lavender and Tea Tree Oils

There was a study conducted that when boys used products with lavender and tea tree oils, they develop breasts or called “gynecomastia”. Then, after few months of not using it, their breasts became smaller until it was flat.

Lavender and tea tree oils help boost estrogen and hamper androgens, the sex hormone that promotes male characteristics and inhibit breast growth. These oils are mostly found in many shampoos, soaps, lotions and skin creams. If these were used boys, the oils disrupt their hormonal balance, leading them to having breasts. These are actually good for girls who are in their puberty stage, but bad for pregnant women and those who have breast cancer.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is a golden yellow oil that is considered to have aphrodisiac properties. When this oil is rubbed on the skin over the reproductive organs, this either stimulates or helps balance the estrogen levels and remedies infertility. Thus, it brings out the female characteristics, increasing the intimacy for women.


Fennel Oil

Fennel Oil is from the crushed seeds of the Fennel herb, which have been used for medicinal purposes. One of its purposes is very helpful to lactating mothers, as it increases the production of milk by, again, producing estrogen. It has a component called the “Trans Anethole” and has the primary function of boosting the estrogen and brings out almost all the female qualities.

Rose and Rosemary

These two oils are known to be “fertility oils” because it increases the fertility for either men or women (but mostly women). Both have aphrodisiac properties and fertility enhancing properties. In the case of the rosemary, when rubbed over the hips, it will help soothe inflammation and open blockages.

There are other essential oils that increase estrogen, but the ones mentioned above are the most common oils used. We have to take note that since estrogen is a female sex hormone, it increases all female qualities that are not usually present in the age of 20’s and above. These oils are effective in estrogen boosting and will help get back the female qualities that women lost when they get older.

Other herbs that can help include symptoms include milk thistle and black cohosh.

The Dangers of Boosting Estrogen

For women over the age of 45 to 55, in menopause, there is a danger to using estrogen enhancing products.

Yes, the above herbal remedies can help, but they can also be a problem for some women, especially when combined with medicines that are hormone therapy replacements and other estrogen drugs.

Some estrogen or hormone replacement therapies (HRT) can increase the risk of hormone related cancers, like breast cancer. Another risk is a higher risk of blood clots.

The pros include better vaginal health and a better sex life, the reduction of the night sweats, and mood swing reductions. But the cons are as mentioned above.

Always talk to your doctor before taking any type if herbal remedy, especially if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Comments (4)

dang.. I wish I knew about Lavender and Tea Tree oil when I was a flat chested teenage girl!

Very Informative. Never knew about the rose and rosemary oils :P Voted!

Another outstanding piece of work.

People need to be aware of some of the information in this article which is misleading. I am a researcher and a cosmetic consultant. These oils should only be used in the case of estrogen defiency which is RARE in todays world. Most women AND men are estrogen dominant which is one of the leading causes of estrogen related diseases such as endometriosis, pms, and uterine cancers. We need to limit our intake of xeno estrogens ANd natural phyto estrogens since we are bombarded daily with toxic xeno estrogens in the environment. Even the natural ones in excess can lead to excessive weight gain, infertility and miscarriage.